Sanders grabs Tom Karrick Memorial victory while Cox, Seifert, Marrs also win

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September 14, 2018  |  by Sam Stoecklin

The Jayhawk Modified Shootout began on Friday night at Lakeside Speedway with 49 race teams on hand for competition. Among drivers on hand were 10 Factory Stocks, 6 Grand Nationals, 15 Stock Cars, and 18 Modifieds.

Preliminary events recap: A pair of Factory Stock Heat races started the nights action and it was Larry Waters who won going away over Kerry Ayers. In heat two, John Cox of Iola, Kansas took the victory with Krew Walburn finishing second. Grand Nationals competed in a single heat race on the night with 2018 Track Champion Kacey Shields taking the victory with Don Marrs second ahead of Terry Bruner.

A pair of Stock Car heats were next in the program with a classic battle for the win in the opening heat between Kevin Anderson and Tim Shields. Anderson, the 2018 Stock Car Champion passed mid-race for the lead and went on to victory over Shields. Justin Seifert recorded a dominating performance to pick up the victory in heat two over a close battle for second with Dominic Thyfault emerging as runner-up.

Modifieds were next for their three heat races to determine the top 12 passing points drivers redraw. The opening heat belonged to Darron Fuqua of Mayetta, Kansas who held off a strong run by Rodney Sanders in second with Nic Bidinger in third. Former Lakeside champion Aaron Marrant led the charge for the second heat with ‘Smokin’ Joe Walker holding strong in second and Lance Town third. In the final heat, Paden Phillips held off a late-race charge by Chad Lyle to claim the win with Lyle second and Kerry Davis third.

Modified drivers then made their way to the front stretch for their top 12 redraw to determine the 20-lap scramble starting grid. Aaron Marrant and Darron Fuqua redrew the top two starting positions to occupy the front row for later in the night and the Tom Karrick Memorial Scramble.

Main events recap: Factory Stocks were first to return for the second half of the program with John Cox and Lane Chew leading the field into turn one for their 12-lap featured event. Cox led the opening laps, but it was Larry Waters who took command at the lap three mark over Cox and Matthew Matsukevich. These three drivers pulled away from the rest of the field in the closing laps and through lapped traffic, Waters emerged as the victory holding off Cox and Matsukevich in second and third. Krew Walburn and Kerry Ayers rounded out the top five. However, Waters was disqualified during the post-race technical inspection and John Cox was declared the winner.

Nick Drew, Jr., and Don Marrs led the field to green in the 10-lap Grand National main event. Marrs was strong from the onset of the race as he worked to put distance between himself and Terry Bivens in second. Drew held court in third with Kacey Shields having a close battle with Terry Bruner in fourth. Marrs captured his fourth feature win of the season with Bivens second, Drew third, Shields fourth and Bruner fifth. Shields accepted his Grand National championship trophy at the end of the event for his first-ever championship.

In the 15-lap Stock Car Main event, Tim Shields and Justin Seifert occupied the front row with Seifert grabbing the early race lead in his substitute driving role in the Brett Heeter-owned car. Austin Oneal moved into second position by lap eight as Shields ran third with Kevin Anderson and Dominic Thyfault inside the top five. The top four cars pulled away from the rest of the field over the final five laps of the race. A late-race caution regrouped the field for the final three laps as drivers fought hard for positions. On the final lap Oneal pressured Seifert for the win but Seifert prevailed with Oneal second. Rounding out the top five were Shields, Anderson and Thyfault.

The final event of the night was the 20-lap Tom Karrick Memorial Scramble to determine the first six rows of Saturday’s $5,000-to-win, 40-lap finale. Aaron Marrant and Darron Fuqua occupied row one at the drop of the green flag with Fuqua leading early after a lap-one incident eliminated Lance Town. On the restart, Fuqua pulled away by a quarter of a straightaway over Marrant, Rodney Sanders, and Kerry Davis. By lap five, Fuqua had a full straightaway advantage, but a lap-six caution erased the lead for Fuqua on the restart.

By lap ten, Fuqua and Sanders separated themselves from the rest of the field. Just past the halfway point, Sanders pulled closer to Fuqua for the lead. Meanwhile Marrant ran steady in third with Davis fourth and Paden Phillips fifth. On lap 13, the leaders both experienced narrow misses with lapped cars, but both were able to keep their torrid pace out front. On lap 16, Marrant’s night ended in a ball of smoke as he retired from the event, shortly after Phillips’ top-five run also came to a heartbreaking end. One final caution on lap 18 forced a green, white, and checkered-flag finish as Sanders made a last-lap pass for the win as he and Fuqua entered turn one. When the race concluded, Sanders walked away the Tom Karrick Memorial Scramble winner with Davis advancing to second as Fuqua lost a right-rear tire at the finish in third. Mark Schafman and Chad Lyle rounded out the top five.

Up Next: Night Two of the Jayhawk Modified Classic takes place on Saturday, September 15th featuring another full program for Modifieds vying for a spot on the $5,000-to-win, 40-lap main event starting grid. B-Mods, E-Mods, and Mod-Lites will also compete throughout the night in preliminary and main events. Pits Open: 5 p.m., Grandstands 5:30, Driver’s Meeting 7:15, Hot Laps 7:30, and Racing at 8. General Admission/Terrace: Adults $20, Military/Senior 62 and over $15, Kids 7-12 $6. Suites for adults $30, Kids Suites 2-12 $10. Pit Passes ages 7 and up $35, six and under $10. One-day Family Pack General Admission/Terrace offer available for $45 and includes 2 Adults, 2 Kids ages 7-12, a coupon for 2 Hot Dogs and 2 Kool-Aid Jammers. Must have a voucher to purchase Terrace tickets.

Complete results, schedule information, track details, car class rules, and news is available on the track’s website at www.lakesidespeedway.net. Contact the track at (913) 299-9206. The track location is 5615 Wolcott Dr., Kansas City, Kansas, one mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City. Like and follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lakesidespeedway.kansascity. You may also email the track at lakesidespeedwaykc@gmail.com.

A-Main Results from Lakeside Speedway 9-14-18.

Factory Stock A-Feature
1. 1. John Cox (0) Iola, Ks.
2. 5. Matthew Matsukevich (16) Trimble, Mo.
3. 2. Krew Walburn (28)
4. 4. Kerry Ayres (99A) Gladstone, Mo.
5. 7. Jeff Siler (58) Kansas City, Ks.
6. 8. Tobin Bartlett (28T) Atchison, Ks.
7. 11. David Nickel (.05) Kansas City, Ks.
8. 6. Lane Chew (37) Lancaster, Ks.
9. 10. Spencer Reiff (7) Kansas City, Mo.
10. 9. Calvin Banks (18) Overland Park, Ks.
DQ. 3. Larry Waters (53) Kansas City, Ks.

Grand Nationals A-Feature
1. 2. Don Marrs (9) Shawnee, Ks.
2. 5. Terry Bivins (5) Lebo, Ks.
3. 1. Nick Drew Jr. (15) Kansas City, Ks.
4. 3. Kacey Shields (42C) Kansas City, Mo.
5. 6. Terry Bruner (8) Shawnee, Ks.
6. 4. Nick Newton (711) Kanas City, Ks.

Stock Car A-Feature
1. 2. Justin Seifert (05) Kansas City, Ks.
2. 5. Austin Oneal (1) Kearney, Mo.
3. 1. Tim Shields (42T) Kansas City, Mo.
4. 4. Kevin Anderson (417) Kansas City, Mo.
5. 6. Dominic Thyfault (27X) Wakarusa, Ks.
6. 7. Steve Herrick (5K) Topeka, Ks.
7. 10. Russ Moyer (26)
8. 3. Hank Thompson (6) Olathe, Ks.
9. 9. David Holcomb (46) Kansas City, Ks.
10. 12. Richard Jameson (98) Sugar Creek, Mo.
11. 11. Rieli Yonts (8Y) Leavenworth, Ks.
12. 8. Gene Claxton (27) Kansas City, Mo.
13. 13. Wayne Brooke (18) Atchison, Ks.
14. 14. Dakota Kooken (00) Kansas City, Ks.

Modified Dash
1. 5. Rodney Sanders (20) Happy, Tx.
2. 3. Kerry Davis (68) Parkville, Mo.
3. 2. Darron Fuqua (87) Mayetta, Ks.
4. 9. Mark Schafman (34) Edwardsville, Ks.
5. 7. Chad Lyle (16S) Oak Grove, Mo.
6. 12. Nic Bidinger (3B) Perry, Ks.
7. 16. Lance Mari (19SB) Imperial, Ca.
8. 14. Justin Johnson (7J) Olathe, Ks.
9. 4. Brian Green (40) Pierce City, Mo.
10. 15. Lee Hibner (99) Chillicothe, Mo.
11. 13. Justin Rexwinkle (23) South Coffeyville, Ok.
12. 17. Tim Karrick (1K) Basehor, Ks.
13. 10. Paden Phillips (9d8)
14. 1. Aaron Marrant (70) Richmond, Mo.
15. 11. Joe Walker (51)
16. 18. Tad Davis (30) Mount Hope, Mo.
17. 6. Lucas Gibbs (151) Udall, Ks.
18. 8. Lance Town (21T) Louisburg, Ks.