Bryant, Anderson capture special event wins; Hand, Heeter, Schiffelbein also record victories at Lakeside Speedway

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September 20, 2019  |  by Sam Stoecklin

Andy Bryant topped the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods.

Andy Bryant topped the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods.

Ninety-five race teams jammed the pits in five divisions at Lakeside Speedway for the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods and Janet Billings Pure Stock Memorial events on Friday evening. Pure Stocks were 25 cars strong running for the $800-to-win special while 28 B-Mod drivers gunned for the $1750-to-win Joe Berry Clash. In addition, there were 15 E-Mods, 12 Stock Cars, and 15 A-Mods to complete the program.

Fans witnessed the drivers compete in 14 preliminary events and five A-Mains throughout the night that memorialized Joe Berry and Janet Billings. It was a fantastic night of racing as we celebrated the lives of two great race fans. Both events were filled with excitement and fast action and left the crowd with much to discuss after the races concluded. Special thanks to the Berry Family and the Billings Family and friends for helping put the events together.

Pure Stocks Recap: (25 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Kevin Anderson, David Nickel, Richard Jameson. Heat Two Top Three: J.R. Billings, Spencer Reiff, Garry Billings. Heat Three Top Three: Marshall Jewett, Keith Jennings, Jason Ryun. Heat Four Top Three: Wayne Brook, Matthew Matsukevich, Kasey Ayres. Janet Billings Memorial A-Main Recap: Anderson had a busy night behind the wheel of two cars as he also fielded his Stock Car later in the evening. For the Pure Stock class, he drove the Bobby Russell-owned number 38, a car that has several victories in the Pure Stock division with multiple drivers this season. Anderson continued adding driver names to the car’s legacy of wins as he eventually claimed the victory by holding off seventh-starting Marshall Jewett who finished second, and ninth-starting Jason Ryun who settled for third. Outside pole-sitter J.R. Billings finished fourth with 16th-starting Kyle Rowland fifth and 18th-starting D.J. Barnes in sixth.

E-Mods Recap: (15 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Trevor Hand, Jessie Mulich, Tim Billings. Heat Two Top Three: Adam Schelert, Eddie Ingram, Shawn Burns. A-Main Recap: Hand and Schelert accumulated the most qualifying points to earn row one starting positions. Hand was looking to continue his recent string of success at the speedway with another victory. He paced the field and ultimately claimed the win over Schelert, who ran to a strong runner-up finish. Billings moved from sixth to third by race end while Mulich finished fourth. Steven Makar was fifth followed by 15th-starting Nick Newton, who charged his way to sixth.

Stock Car Recap: (12 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Nick Whalen, Kevin Anderson, Hank Thompson. Heat Two Top Three: Robert Garst, Brett Heeter, Tim Shields. A-Main Recap: Garst and Whalen began the 15-lap main event on row one, but it was Heeter, Anderson, and Shields who made their way forward throughout the race to eventually claim the top three finishing positions. Whalen held on to finish fourth with Thompson fifth and pole-sitter Robert Garst sixth.

B-Mods Recap: (28 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: J.C. Morton, John Allen, Tim Powell. Heat Two Top Three: Luke Nieman, Nick Newton, Randy Zimmerman. Heat Three Top Three: Andy Bryant, Shadren Turner, Luke Phillips. Heat Four Top Three: Patrick Royalty, Sturgis Streeter, Don Marrs. A-Main Recap: Morton and Allen occupied row one for the initial green flag of the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods special event. Unfortunately, Morton’s car later did not pass technical inspection and was disqualified from the finish. Just a week ago, Andy Bryant experienced a roller-coaster ride of a race as he started near the front, was involved in an early race incident in which he had to restart the race at the tail of the field but it didn’t matter as he drove to the win. Bryant repeated his victory but did not have to advance from the tail of the field for the win. This time he started fifth on the grid in route to the victory. John Allen was his usual consistent self and captured a runner-up finish in the race just in front of Gunner Martin, who advanced from 13th on the grid to finish third while Turner, Powell, and Royalty completed the top six.

A-Mods Recap: (15 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Randall Schiffelbein, Jr., Kerry Davis, Tyler Hibner. Heat Two Top Three: Paden Phillips, Darron Fuqua, Tim Karrick. A-Main Recap: Fuqua and Schiffelbein took the front row starting positions for the night’s 20-lap A-Mod feature. Schiffelbein produced some strong runs recently at the big track and on this night, he turned those experiences into a victory as he captured the main event over Fuqua. Former champion Nic Bidinger moved from sixth to third at the finish with Kerry Davis fourth. Eleventh-starting Justin Johnson advanced to fifth by race end while Tim Karrick rounded out the top six.

Next Friday, September 27th at Lakeside Speedway features Weekly Racing on CARB Night at the Races Plus KAR (Kansas Antiques Racing). Featured classes include A-Mods, B-Mods, Stock Cars, Pure Stocks, E-Mods, Grand Nationals and KAR (Kansas Antique Racers). Times: Pits open at 5, Grandstands at 6, Drivers Pill Draw closes at 6:45 (no passing points if late), Drivers Meeting at 7, Hot Laps at 7:15, and Racing at 8. Admissions info: Grandstands Adults (16+) $12, Seniors/Military $10, Juniors (12-15) $6, Under 12 FREE. Terrace: Adults (16+) $15, Seniors/Military $12, Juniors (12-15) $8, Under 12 FREE. Suites: Adults (16+) $20, Juniors (2-15) $10, Under 2 FREE (limited availability). Pit Passes: Ages 7+ $35, 6 & Under $10.

2019 Lakeside Speedway Schedule (Fridays unless otherwise indicated)
*September 27: CARB Night Plus Weekly Racing: A-Mods, B-Mods, Stock Cars, Pure Stocks, E-Mods, Grand Nationals and KAR (Kansas Antique Racers)
*October 4: Weekly Racing: A-Mods, B-Mods, Stock Cars, Pure Stocks, E-Mods, and Grand Nationals
*Saturday, October 12: Border Wars Demolition Derby
*Friday, October 18: World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series, plus Mod-Lites

Tickets for the FVP Platinum Battery Showdown featuring the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series at Lakeside Speedway on Friday, October 18, may be purchased online at slspromotions.ticketforce.com or by calling SLS Promotions at (815) 344-2023.

Complete results, schedule information, track details, car class rules, and news are available on the track’s website at www.lakesidespeedway.net. Contact the track at (913) 299-9206. The track location is 5615 Wolcott Dr., Kansas City, Kansas, one mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City. Follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lakesidespeedway.kansascity. Email the track at lakesidespeedwaykc@gmail.com.

Main Event Results from 9-20-19 (For Full Results Visit www.lakesidespeedway.net)

Pure Stock A-Feature
1. 1. Kevin Anderson (38) Kansas City, Mo.
2. 7. Marshall Jewett (7) Gardner, Ks.
3. 9. Jason Ryun (27C) Kansas City, Mo.
4. 2. J.R. Billings (185) Kansas City, Ks.
5. 16. Kyle Rowland (5) Olathe, Ks.
6. 18. D.J. Barnes (5DJ) Pleasant Hill, Mo.
7. 8. Spencer Reiff (7x) Kansas City, Mo.
8. 15. Darrin Christy (3B) Kansas City, Ks.
9. 5. David Nickel (.05) Kansas City, Ks.
10. 17. Bobby Ruff (31) Raymore, Mo.
11. 10. Richard Jameson (13B) Sugar Creek, Mo.
12. 4. Wayne Brooke (18) Atchison, Ks.
13. 13. Brandon Hoover (27H) Gallatin, Mo.
14. 6. Matthew Matsukevich (16) Trimble, Mo.
15. 12. Kasey Ayres (18K) Kansas City, Mo.
16. 21. Gary Akers (13A) Independence, Mo.
17. 11. Garry Billings (23) Prairie Village, Ks.
18. 3. Keith Jennings (28) Leavenworth, Ks.
19. 24. Chase Galvan (3C) Bonner Springs, Ks.
20. 23. Matt Janes (7J) Olathe, Ks.
21. 22. Larry Waters (53) Kansas City, Ks.
22. 19. John Jameson (182) Kansas City, Mo.
23. 14. Rieli Yonts (8Y) Leavenworth, Ks.
24. 20. Justin Stuteville (316) Paola, Ks.
25. 25. Blaine Yonts (3Y) Leavenworth, Ks.

E-Modified A-Feature
1. 1. Trevor Hand (236) Bonner Springs, Ks. 100
2. 2. Adam Schelert (07) Leavenworth, Ks. 95
3. 6. Tim Billings (25) Liberty, Mo. 91
4. 3. Jessie Mulich (90) Bonner Springs, Ks. 87
5. 8. Steven Makar (4M) Basehor, Ks. 84
6. 15. Nick Newton (10) Leavenworth, Ks. 81
7. 4. Eddie Ingram (54) Linn Valley, Ks. 78
8. 9. Dakota Earls (15E) Independence, Mo. 76
9. 7. Shawn Burns (28S) Overland Park, Ks. 74
10. 5. Jeff Goepfrich Sr (5J) Kansas City, Mo. 72
11. 11. Brian Andrews (36) Kansas City, Ks. 70
12. 12. Mike Richardson (32) Drexel, Mo. 68
13. 10. Justin Bell (03) Edwardsville, Ks. 66
14. 14. Javier Fierro (79) Kansas City, Mo. 64
15. 13. Charlie Browne (CB3) Leavenworth, Ks. 62

Stock Car A-Feature
1. 3. Brett Heeter (05) Louisburg, Ks. 100
2. 4. Kevin Anderson (417) Kansas City, Mo. 95
3. 6. Tim Shields (42T) Kansas City, Mo. 91
4. 2. Nick Whalen (00) Kansas City, Ks. 87
5. 5. Hank Thompson (6) Olathe, Ks. 84
6. 1. Robert Garst (9) Topeka, Ks. 81
7. 8. Vernon Kever (41K) Kansas City, Mo. 78
8. 9. Shane Schmidt (39K) Topeka, Ks. 76
9. 10. Jerry Liston Jr (11) Kansas City, Ks. 74
10. 7. Paul Carter (47) Kearney, Mo. 72
DNS. 11. David Oxford (27) Platte City, Mo. 45
DNS. 12. Joe Sowers (61) Effingham, Ks. 45

B-Modified A-Feature
1. 5. Andy Bryant (28) Fort Scott, Ks.
2. 2. John Allen (98) Chanute, Ks.
3. 13. Gunner Martin (38) Sugar Creek, Mo.
4. 7. Shadren Turner (17T) Saint Joseph, Mo.
5. 9. Tim Powell (57) Lansing, Ks.
6. 4. Patrick Royalty (49) Kansas City, Ks.
7. 6. Sturgis Streeter (61) Topeka, Ks.
8. 11. Randy Zimmerman (ZEE28) Fort Scott, Ks.
9. 19. Ethan Isaacs (66) Bonner Springs, Ks.
10. 3. Luke Nieman (181) Nortonville, Ks.
11. 17. Doug Keller (7) Easton, Mo.
12. 18. Chad Walker (04) Kansas City, Ks.
13. 16. Vic Tranckino (21V) Basehor, Ks.
14. 14. Chase Galvan (0) Bonner Springs, Ks.
15. 22. Steven Makar (4M) Basehor, Ks.
16. 24. Colten Stevens (222) Leavenworth, Ks.
17. 12. Don Marrs (9) Shawnee, Ks.
18. 21. Tyson Lanfermann (47) Kansas City, Mo.
19. 23. Cami Bruner (8c) Kansas City, Ks.
20. 8. Nick Newton (3x3) Leavenworth, Ks.
21. 15. Trevor Hunt (44X) Holt, Mo.
22. 25. Terry Ellison (1A) Eudora, Ks.
23. 20. Ben Stockton (33S) Smithville, Mo.
24. 10. Luke Phillips (31) Chanute, Ks.
25. 27. Christopher Connel (10C) Leavenworth, Ks.
26. 26. Steve Austin (111) Eudora, Ks.
27. 28. Greg Watkins (111A) Eudora, Ks.
DQ. 1. J.C. Morton (18M) Springfield, Mo. 0

A Modified A-Feature
1. 2. Randal Schiffelbein, Jr. (11JR) Berryton, Ks. 100
2. 1. Darron Fuqua (87) Mayetta, Ks. 95
3. 6. Nic Bidinger (3B) Perry, Ks. 91
4. 4. Kerry Davis (68) Parkville, Mo. 87
5. 11. Justin Johnson (7J) Olathe, Ks. 84
6. 7. Tim Karrick (1K) Basehor, Ks. 81
7. 10. Lucas Gibbs (G51) Udall, Ks. 78
8. 3. Paden Phillips (9d8) Chanute, Ks. 76
9. 13. Mark Schafman (34) Edwardsville, Ks. 74
10. 15. Tyler Davis (98) Haysville, Ks. 72
11. 8. Chase Sigg (18JR) Iola, Ks. 70
12. 9. Allan Lawrence (94) Spring Hill, Ks. 68
13. 12. Bill Ruisinger (711) Bonner Springs, Ks. 66
14. 5. Tyler Hibner (89) Chillicothe, Mo. 64
15. 14. Lee Hibner (99) Chillicothe, Mo. 62