Lakeside Speedway victorie to Wolff, Morton, Heeter, Raffurty, Hand, Jewett

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August 9, 2019  |  by Sam Stoecklin

Trevor Hand celebrates E-Mod Explosion victory at Lakeside Speedway (Photo by Lisa Burlington)

Trevor Hand celebrates E-Mod Explosion victory at Lakeside Speedway (Photo by Lisa Burlington)

Kid’s Night and E-Mod explosion took place on Friday night at Lakeside Speedway for week two of the championship season with 93 race teams on hand. At the end of the night, the six drivers going to victory lane included Tyler Wolff, J.C. Morton, Brett Heeter, Dillon Raffurty, Trevor Hand, and Marshall Jewett.

During the intermission break the young race fans enjoyed foot races on the track in boys and girls age groups and placed their names in drawings for free bike giveaways. The youngsters also received free back packs and a drink courtesy of the track in honor of kid’s night.

Pure Stock Recap (11 Cars): Heat Race Top Five: Marshall Jewett, Keith Jennings, David Nickel, Spencer Reiff, Wayne Brooke. Main Event Recap: Marshall Jewett looked to make it two wins in a row as he and Keith Jennings started the 10-lap main event from row one. Jewett led the opening circuits ahead of Nickel, Keith Jennings, Spencer Reiff, and Wayne Brooke. A yellow flag came out on lap three as Jewett went right back to work out front. By lap six, Jewett pulled away from the three-car battle with Jennings, Brooke, and Reiff. At the conclusion of the event, Jewett took the checkers with a full straightaway length lead for his second-consecutive win. Jennings survived for second followed by Reiff, Wayne Brooke, and Matthew Matsukevich.

E-Mod Recap (20 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Matt Dorssom, Jerry Brown, Trevor Hand. Heat Race Two Top Three: Jessie Mulich, Steven Makar, Shawn Burns. Main Event Recap: Jessie Mulich of Bonner Springs, Kansas and fellow Kansan Matt Dorssom began the 15-lap E-Mod Explosion special event from row one. The opening laps were furious with Mulich leading lap number one before Hand came around to lead lap two. When the field returned to the flag stand at lap three it was Mulich leading Hand and Matt Dorssom. Mulich led through lap eight with Hand staying close but smoke began to bellow from Mulich’s machine and by lap ten flames began to build under the hood of Mulich’s machine drawing a yellow flag. On the restart, Hand was the new leader out front with Burns and Dorssom inside the top three. Through the final five circuits, Hand consistently pulled away and eventually picked up the checkered flag by nearly a full straightaway advantage. Behind Hand at the checkers were Shawn Burns edging Matt Dorssom for second with Buz Kaster and Dakota Earls finishing out the top five.

Mod-Lite Recap (13 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Dillon Raffurty, Travis Alexander, Kevin White. Heat Race Two Top Three: David Raffurty, Justin Raffurty, Michael Raffurty. Main Event Recap: For the 12-lap Mod-Lite feature event, Father and Son duo David and Dillon Raffurty began the race from the front of the field. David and Dillon Raffurty raced hard at the front of the field for the opening two laps; however, David Raffurty’s car laid down oil on the track to draw a caution. On the restart, Dillon Raffurty led Kevin White, and Mike and Justin Raffurty. As Dillon continued to lead, Michael Raffurty moved into lap two with White third before caution flew again on lap five. On the restart, Dillon Raffurty led Michael Raffurty and White. Justin Raffurty moved to second by lap eight as Kelly Bergstrom, Travis Alexander and White fought hard for the fourth spot. In the end, Dillon Raffurty claimed his second-consecutive Mod-Lite victory, this time over Justin Raffurty, Mike Raffurty, Travis Alexander, and Kelly Bergstrom.

Stock Car Recap (12 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Austin O’Neal, Kevin Anderson, David Holcomb. Heat Race Two Top Three: Brett Heeter, Tim Shields, Kacey Shields. Main Event Recap: Former champion Brett Heeter earned the pole position for the 15-lap Stock Car Feature along with Tim Shields. Heeter quickly shot out to an early race lead over O’Neal and Tim Shields. O’Neal put pressure on Heeter and by lap five slapped the wall in turn one trying to close in. Heeter led O’Neal through a series of quick laps with O’Neal flirting with the turn one wall on several occasions. On lap 12, caution waived for brake parts on the track while Heeter led O’Neal, Tim Shields, and Kevin Anderson, and David Holcomb on the restart. Heeter ultimately prevailed for the victory with O’Neal a close second at the finish. Tim Shields finished third, Kevin Anderson, and Kacey Shields inside the top five.

B-Mod Recap (20 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: J.C. Morton, Clint Johnson, Luke Nieman. Heat Race Two Top Three: Colten Stevens, Nick Newton, Steven Clancy. Main Event Recap: For the B-Mod main event, last week’s feature winner J.C. Morton and Colten Stevens led the field to the initial green flag for the 20-lap main event. Morton quickly established himself as the man to beat as he moved out front and opened a half straightaway lead by lap five over Clancy, Colten Stevens, Luke Nieman, and Chase Galvan. Debris on the track led to a caution on lap eight. Just before the field went back to green, Steven Clancy retired from the event with damage to the hood of his machine. Morton quickly went back to work out front with Galvan, Stevens, and Patrick Royalty in a close battle for second. Morton continued to pull away in a long green flag run with Stevens second and Galvan and Royalty in a close battle for third. Caution flew on lap 16 for a single-car spin as Morton brought the field back to green with Stevens, Royalty, Galvan, and Don Marrs inside the top five. Over the final four laps, Morton continued his dominance and took the victory over Stevens, Royalty, Sturgis Streeter and Don Marrs.

A-Mod Recap (17 Cars): Heat Race One Top Three: Randal Schiffelbein, Jr., Tim Karrick, Terry Schultz. Heat Race Two Top Three: Tyler Wolff, Nic Bidinger, Tyler Hibner. Main Event Recap: The final event of the night was the 20-lap A-main event with Tyler Wolff and Nic Bidinger leading the field to green. Wolff shot out to an early race lead and brought Bidinger with him in the opening laps. The first eight laps were fast and furious as Wolff, Bidinger, Schiffelbein, Jr., Fuqua and Schultz secured a spot inside the top five. Caution flew on lap eight with a single-car spin as Wolff took the field back to green. Tim Karrick moved inside the top five by lap ten and by lap 11 had moved to fourth. At the lap 15 marker Wolff built up an extensive lead over Bidinger and Schiffelbein. A late-race caution flew for debris in turn four setting up a four-lap dash to the finish as Wolff easily went on to claim the victory over Bidinger, Schiffelbein, Karrick, and Darron Fuqua. Justin Johnson advanced from fourteenth to finish sixth.

Next Friday at Lakeside Speedway is week three of the Top Gun Series! Times: Pits 5:00, Grandstands 6:00, Drivers Meeting 7:00, Hot Laps 7:15, Racing 7:45. Grandstands: Adults (16+) $12, Seniors/Military $10, Juniors (12-15) $6, Under 12 FREE in the grandstands. Terrace: Adults (16+) $15, Seniors/Military $12, Juniors (12-15) $8, Under 12 FREE. Suites: Adults (16+) $20, Juniors (2-15) $10, Under 2 FREE (limited availability) Pit Passes: Ages 7+ $35, 6 & Under $10 (minors 17 & under must sign release).

The ‘Top Gun’ series takes place each race weekend in the month of August and runs for five weeks using an accumulative championship points system among competition at Lakeside Speedway on Friday nights and Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) in Warrensburg on Saturdays. Race divisions for the Top Gun series include: A-Mods, B-Mods, Pure Stocks, and E-Mods. Lakeside Speedway remaining Top Gun Series Dates are August 16, 23, and 30. The coinciding remaining dates at CMS are August 17, 24, and 31.

The outstanding group of business partners for the Top Gun Series includes Tompkins Industries, Seeburg Muffler, Johnson County Key Service, Crystal Trenching, Christy’s Tasty Queen, Blue Springs Truck Line, Cliff Harris Ford, Midwest Coating Inc, Rick Beebe Heating and Cooling, LLC and Signs by Gunner. If you would like to add your name to this great list of partners, please contact Lakeside Speedway General Manager Pete Howey at (913) 299-9206.

2019 Lakeside Speedway Schedule (Fridays unless otherwise annotated)
*August 16: Weekly Racing Car Classes - Top Gun Series Week 3 plus Grand Nationals
*August 23: Karl Tinsley Pure Stock Special and Weekly Racing Car Classes - Top Gun Series Week 4
*August 30: Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods, Weekly Racing Car Classes - Top Gun Series Week 5
September 6: Modified Special and Weekly Racing Car Classes
September 13: Stock Car Special and Weekly Racing Car Classes
September 20: Weekly Racing Car Classes
September 27: Weekly Racing Car Classes
October 4: Weekly Racing Car Classes
Saturday, October 12: Border Wars Demolition Derby
Friday, October 18: World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series
*Indicates Top Gun Series Date

Complete results, schedule information, track details, car class rules, and news are available on the track’s website at lakesidespeedway.net. Contact the track at (913) 299-9206. The track location is 5615 Wolcott Dr., Kansas City, Kansas, one mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City. Follow on Facebook at facebook.com/lakesidespeedway.kansascity. Email the track at lakesidespeedwaykc@gmail.com.

A-Main Results from 8-9-19 (For Full Results Visit www.lakesidespeedway.net)

E-Modified A-Feature
1. 4. Trevor Hand (236) Bonner Springs, Ks. 100
2. 3. Shawn Burns (28S) Overland Park, Ks. 95
3. 2. Matt Dorssom (3D) Lancaster, Ks. 91
4. 7. Buz Kaster (54SR) Kansas City, Ks. 87
5. 8. Dakota Earls (15E) Independence, Mo. 84
6. 10. Tony Barnhart (1M) Kansas City, Mo. 81
7. 5. Jerry Brown (99H) Hume, Mo. 78
8. 13. Brian Andrews (36) Kansas City, Ks. 76
9. 14. Jason Thurman (66) Chanute, Ks. 74
10. 6. Steven Makar (4M) Basehor, Ks. 72
11. 15. Justin Bell (03) Edwardsville, Ks. 70
12. 12. John Snyder (6J) Smithville, Mo. 68
13. 11. Adam Schelert (07) Leavenworth, Ks. 66
14. 17. Mike Richardson (32) 64
15. 9. Zach Boyd (6) 62
16. 1. Jessie Mulich (90) Bonner Springs, Ks. 60
17. 16. Kerry Ayres (99A) Gladstone, Mo. 58
DNS. 18. Doug Davis (7D) 45
DNS. 19. Kit Bailey (77) Liberty, Mo. 45
DNS. 20. Paul Sloan (82) Kansas City, Ks. 45

Mod Lites A-Feature
1. 2. Dillon Raffurty (46) Kansas City, Mo.
2. 5. Justin Raffurty (75) Kansas City, Mo.
3. 6. Mike Raffurty (41) Kansas City, Mo.
4. 3. Travis Alexander (36) Tonganoxie, Ks.
5. 8. Kelly Bergstrom (9) Edwardsville, Ks.
6. 4. Kevin White (33) De Soto, Ks.
7. 7. Tyler Furrell (34) Belton, Mo.
8. 10. Tony Sterner (1*) Harrisonville, Mo.
9. 9. Jeff Raffurty (98) Holt, Mo.
10. 13. James Beebe (03) Pleasant Hill, Mo.
11. 12. Kellie Vail (12V) Louisburg, Ks.
12. 11. Taylor Jerry (14)
13. 1. David Raffurty (64) Kansas City, Mo.

Stock Car A-Feature
1. 1. Brett Heeter (05) Louisburg, Ks. 100
2. 3. Austin O’Neal (1) Kearney, Mo. 95
3. 2. Tim Shields (42T) Kansas City, Mo. 91
4. 5. Kevin Anderson (417) Kansas City, Mo. 87
5. 6. Kacey Shields (42C) Kansas City, Mo. 84
6. 7. Dominic Thyfault (27X) Wakarusa, Ks. 81
7. 8. Gary Donaldson (28D) Rayville, Mo. 78
8. 4. David Holcomb (46) Kansas City, Ks. 76
9. 10. Hank Thompson (6) Olathe, Ks. 74
10. 9. Kyle Courtney (25C) Kansas City, Mo. 72
DNS. 11. David Oxford (27) Platte City, Mo. 45
DNS. 12. Newman Jason (111) 45

B-Modified A-Feature
1. 1. J.C. Morton (18M) Springfield, Mo. 100
2. 2. Colten Stevens (222) Leavenworth, Ks. 95
3. 9. Patrick Royalty (49) Kansas City, Ks. 91
4. 10. Sturgis Streeter (61) Topeka, Ks. 87
5. 12. Don Marrs (9) Shawnee, Ks. 84
6. 6. Luke Nieman (181) Nortonville, Ks. 81
7. 16. Chris Wright (66) Chillicothe, Ch. 78
8. 7. Billy Spilman (63) Rushville, Mo. 76
9. 11. Chad Walker (04) Kansas City, Ks. 74
10. 13. Brian Murphy (1M) Topeka, Ks. 72
11. 18. Kyle Henning (1) Atchison, Ks. 70
12. 15. Tyson Lanfermann (47) Kansas City, Mo. 68
13. 14. Cami Bruner (8c) Kansas City, Ks. 66
14. 17. Tim Powell (57) Lansing, Ks. 64
15. 3. Steve Clancy (12c) Odessa, Mo. 62
16. 5. Nick Newton (3x3) Leavenworth, Ks. 60
17. 19. Max Grogan (66M) Basehor, Ba. 58
18. 4. Clint Johnson (37) Neosho, Mo. 56
DNS. 20. Michael Liston (78) Kansas City, Ks. 45
DNS. 21. Jake Richards (7J) Lansing, Ks. 45
DQ. 8. Chase Galvan (0) Bonner Springs, Ks. 0

A Modified A-Feature
1. 1. Tyler Wolff (4W) Fayetteville, Ar. 100
2. 2. Nic Bidinger (3B) Perry, Ks. 95
3. 3. Randal Schiffelbein, Jr (11JR) Berryton, Ks. 91
4. 4. Tim Karrick (1K) Basehor, Ks. 87
5. 7. Darron Fuqua (87) Mayetta, Ks. 84
6. 14. Justin Johnson (7J) Olathe, Ks. 81
7. 8. Tyler Hibner (89) Chillicothe, Mo. 78
8. 5. Terry Schultz (90) Sedalia, Mo. 76
9. 9. Kerry Davis (68) Parkville, Mo. 74
10. 6. Lee Hibner (99) Chillicothe, Mo. 72
11. 11. Mark Schafman (34) Edwardsville, Ks. 70
12. 16. Kevin M McGinnis (5) Edwardsville, Ks. 68
13. 12. Chase Sigg (18JR) Iola, Ks. 66
14. 10. Rodney Schweizer (74) Kansas City, Ks. 64
15. 17. Alan Lawrence (94) Spring Hill, Ks. 62
16. 13. Chad Lyle (16S) Oak Grove, Mo. 60
17. 15. Eric Hanna (13H) Maryville, Mo. 58